Can You Vape Water?

The thick cloud, the intense emotion, the excitement, the numerous ways and styles of exhaling, naming them, adding the flavor in the cloud, who wouldn’t want more of that.

For a newbie to vaping, this must be something they can’t sleep without wondering what else they could vape. The crush that vaping brings keeps them on their toes.

Newcomers to the scene have weird questions like can you vape water? Are there water vapor e-cigarettes? Some even go the extra mile to question whether the same would apply to alcohol.
Since PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) are special liquids that you can put in a vaporizer, they are a safe landing, unlike water. So many wonders, since the water is totally natural and they can drink it, can they vape water or is there a dedicated water vapor cigarette? So what is the essence of vaping pure water?
Why would someone want to inhale very hot steam that could burn their mouth or seriously injure them? Also, why vape water if it doesn’t give off that thick smoke? The vape would be too watery to provide that ideal vaping experience.

Don’t think too much about water to vape
Well, water is used occasionally for high concentrations of VG juices. The water makes the juices absorb more easily. Generally speaking, VG is very viscous, which could be problematic for some tanks if the juice is not cut with something else.

Also, for people with PG allergies, they tend to use distilled water, so they cut juices by about 5 to 15%, depending on personal preference and the extent of the allergy.
However, if the need to vape water is imminent, there are a few basic things someone should know.

Can you put water in a vaporizer and what are the likely results?
Water vapor only
When vaping water, water vapor is the end result, nothing more! When you smoke it, the water vapor tends to condense in your mouth. Since it is quite hot, there are higher chances that you can damage the mouth, burn the lips or tongue, or both, and also burn the pharynx.

By the time it reaches the lungs, it will be almost at body temperature and will do little or no damage to the alveoli. Although with regular water vaping, there is no guarantee that this could be the latest turn of events.

No fun in that
The psychological effect of vaping is all the thrill and excitement of blowing the huge clouds and having fun. Well, with the water Myle Vape Dubai 
for vaping, don’t expect that. Once inhaled, it quickly condenses and turns back to water. Therefore, not all heavy clouds will be experienced. It would be a big disappointment since what comes out is basically nothing or colorless vapor at any rate.

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