Constitution Challenge to Online Gaming Ban

Online gaming has been incredibly popular, particularly the various forms of poker. That all changed in 2006 when the federal government adequately banned a majority of online gaming. The gaming industry is finally fighting back.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was a shock too a significant part of the gaming industry. Although it had been gradually moving through Congress, there was no indication that it would be passed into law without a significant amount of debate and lobbying. In a typically congressional move, all of the uproar about a ban was bypassed when the Act was attached as a rider to legislation detailing how to shield our ports from terrorist attacks! Terrorist and online poker – a natural blend if at any point there was one!

Regardless, a large part of the online gaming industry was in a tight spot. The Act took a novel approach to attacking the industry. Instead of just outlawing everything, it went after the money. Credit card companies and banks were in the crosshairs. Common and Criminal ufabet ดีที่สุด penalties were authorized against them if the prepared any transactions for online gaming with the exclusion of pony racing. Ironically, the World Trade Organization has governed this online gaming ban to be a treaty violation.

Like sheep being directed to the slaughter, the online gaming industry sat idle. Traded on an open market online poker companies saw their stock squashed for the time being. Most sites shut completely or just repositioned themselves to handle non-US traffic. All and all, it was a bad time. Presently, however, the gaming industry is finally getting its act together. That’s right, it is suing the federal government in an effort to stop the ban.

The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association was formed this year. Although the Association claims many laudable goals, attacking the online gaming ban is the core interest. To this extent, the Association documented suit against various agencies and individuals in the federal government to achieve said goal. The Association is seeking an injunction against the enforcement of the act.