TPD Compliant Vape Rules in the EU

What is TPD compatible? TPD compliance is the new vocabulary in the vaping industry! The TPD is an updated version of a European Union directive and now appears on all vaping forums and websites. It landed on May 20, 2016 and has drastically altered the vaping landscape in the European Union as everyone needs to make sure their vapers are TPD compliant.

TPD as a directive of the European Union
TPD fully represents the Tobacco Products Directive. It is a directive of the European Union that establishes limits to the marketing and sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products in the EU. It was initially created in 2001, but was revised in 2014 to also include e-cigarettes.

After the approval of the regulation, each EU member state had to transfer the TPD requirements into their laws before May 20, 2016. Simply put, the TPD is a regulatory act in the EU established on product sales. tobacco. including vaping devices and e-liquids. The guidelines for compliance with the TPD are established in article 20 of the TPD.

The aim and objectives of the TPD
Regulation is inevitable in an emerging industry, and the Tobacco Products Directive is designed to improve the operations of the internal market for tobacco and related products. Its main objectives are:
Protect children from nicotine products. It is designed to ensure that only people over the age of 18 can buy and use e-cigarettes and e-cigarette related products.
Protect consumers of tobacco and its related products by creating sustainable standards for the quality and safety of all vaping devices and electronic juices. It ensures that consumers know that the products they buy contain nicotine.
Protect consumers by forcing both manufacturers and retailers to provide valuable information on packaging.
The MHRA registration as a TPD compliance process
The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the competent authority responsible for the notification scheme for refill packs and e-cigarettes in the UK, and also for enforcing most of the provisions of Article 20.

All vaping devices and e-liquids must alert and register under the MHRA; then sales can increase after six months. This includes Heets UAE 
existing vape products prior to May 20, 2016. However, once the producer notification has been posted on the featured product list, they can place the product on the UK market before it even expires. the duration of six months.

A product that has been modified to a substantial degree counts as a new product and must follow this process as well.

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